Why Women Love Men Who Share The Housework


The Australian Time Use Survey proposes that men perform 35 percent of entire household chores. Housework is becoming a shared project for husbands and wives. However, when husbands and wives work together, cleaning time is really cut by two-thirds rather than just half.

It is believed that what men do for their wife in private is really what makes all the difference. Cleaning house is something men can do without sharing their sacrifice with others. It is a gesture of love for their women that communicates to her personally, what you do in secret will bless your life, and your relationship, outwardly.

Here Are The Reasons Why Women Love Men Who Share The Housework

Cleaning house makes you attractive

It has been suggested that a man helping with household chores is the number one turn-on for a wife. Who knew? You become more attractive when you’re pushing a vacuum cleaner. Having a clean home seemed to also keep strife out of the home.

More relaxed and less stressed

Sharing household chores is very important to marital success; women have a tendency to keep the household organized and clean.  The task to constantly keep on top of this can be overwhelming and women often feel physically drained by the end of the day, yet the cycle begins again the next morning.  A study has shown that the most common reason why women say no to sex is because they are too tired. Sex takes more energy for women, especially if they want to climax and if they are already tired, they believe it is simply not worth it.  Therefore, by helping with cleaning chores, you are not only expressing your love for them, they are more relaxed and less stressed which can lead to increased intimacy. If you are one that doesn’t have the time for chores, perhaps you can find a professional cleaner to help, she doesn’t have to know.

It demonstrates willingness to be a servant-leader

With men sharing housework with women, it demonstrates the willingness to be a servant leader in your home. It advisable that men should not go into a marriage to be enamored by this head of the family business, lest they get their fingers burnt. Men should learn how to build consensus in the family. And make no mistake about it, men should be head when it comes to making money and providing for the family, but when it comes to daily chores, you are joint-head and this has to be shared together and women really appreciate that kind of men in their life.

It reinforces the concept of team

Teams are groups of two or more people who work together and influence each other, are mutually accountable for accomplishing common goals and perceive themselves as a social entity. The team exists to accomplish several things, men and women are held together by their interdependence and need for teamwork to accomplish common objectives. Meanwhile when men share their house works with their wife it actually reinforces their mutual relationship that already exists.

Cleaning house shows gratitude and humility

When men blue-gloved hand use in cleaning is gripping a toilet brush, you show humility. That brush is the equivalent of a sword that cuts through pride. It’s a good thing.

Cleaning house releases creativity

There is something about creating order in the house that releases creativity in your work. Men involving themselves in cleaning allow some sense of belonging and creativity. Why not take a weekend with the family to clean your house? I promise you, you will discover a sense of accomplishment. Your family will experience unity. And more than likely, you will flow with creative ideas. Something spontaneous that proved to be one of the best things men should do is to show his wife that he loved her and join her in cleaning the house.

Give Your Ball Bags the Attention They Deserve


Bags, nuts, sacks…whatever you call them…listen up, it’s almost 2018 and your hairy balls can do with a lot more attention.  If women are expected to keep their bits well maintained, why shouldn’t you?  Of course putting a sharp object anywhere in the vicinity of your bags don’t sit well with most men, with valid reason…what if you weren’t careful enough and snip…

The truth is, women prefer your bags to be trimmed or shaved.  No one enjoys having hair in their mouth, so give them what they want and let us guide you there.

Razor or Trimmer – It is good practice to clean your razor or trimmer with some isopropyl alcohol to sanitize before you start.  Choosing which tool to use is entirely personal preference and you should choose the one you are most comfortable with.  A trimmer such as the Remington Man Trim Body Groomer is specifically designed for body grooming, convenient and safer to use.  On the other end of the spectrum, a razor can provide a closer shave, is less distracting and considerably safe to use.  If considering a straight razor, you might as well call the ambulance first!

Have Your Tools Ready – Think of it like a major operation, you don’t go looking for the right tools in the middle of surgery so take some time and effort and be organized.  Shaving cream, lotion, a clean towel, razor, trimmer and let’s hope you don’t need it, a first aid kit.

Shower Before Starting – Your junk is very delicate and sensitive, this region can contain a lot of bacteria that you don’t want to be spreading around the place.  Ensure you have a warm shower to freshen up; it also helps to soften the pubic hair which will help stop ingrown hairs.

Trim the Amazon – If you’ve never groomed this region before, then you’ll probably be staring at a rain forest.  Make it easier for yourself and give it a trim first, have you ever tried to mow the lawn when your grass is 2 feet tall? Virtually impossible, so trim it back before crafting.

Pull the Skin Tight – The skin on your ball bags are constantly changing to adapt and regulate its temperature but one thing is for certain, never shave over loose skin as it can easily roll under the razor and cause a mishap.  Ensure you pull the skin tight to form a flat surface to work with.

Exfoliate Your Bags – After shaving, your balls can be extra sensitive, apply an antiseptic to reduce the irritation, some lotion will also help soothe the skin.  As you hair begins to regrow during the week or two, ensure you exfoliate the region to soften the hair and help reduce ingrown hair.

Looking after you balls doesn’t have to be rocket science, give them the time they deserve and they’ll receive a whole lot more.